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Insect Powder Capsules
Coming soon in 2015! Obtain the nutritional benefits of edible insects in a capsule and tablet form! Capsules will contain crickets, locusts, silk moth pupae, weaver ants and more.... ..
Our products on the 4.30 Show
Our products featured on the 4.30 show in New Zealand. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-pKjj_aNtw ..
Wholesale acheta domestica cricket flour
We're pleased to announce the arrival of acheta domestica cricket flour to our on-line shop. Our Acheta Domestica crickets are raised on specially selected commerical farms. The crickets are fed a special diet of mixed grains and vegetables and are raised in clean hygenic conditions. When ready they are cleaned, processed and packed at our FDA approved factory. Our Cricket flour is 100% natural, no preservatives, artifical colors or flavour..
Wholesale Accounts
Wholesale Accounts - 09/08/2013
Thailand Unique welcomes wholesale customers. Please contact us to gain access to our wholesale pricelist. We will upgrade your account within 2 business days and then you can purchase our products at bulk discounted rates. ..
New products in the pipeline
We are currently in the process of developing a new range of food products that will contain various edible insect species. The products will contain all the nutritional goodness of bugs without looking like them: for example soy-insect textured meat in ready meals, crackers, energy bars, protein shakes and many more items currently in the development process. All our food products will be completely natural, organic and contain no artificial flavors, preservatives or colours. We are als..
Black Cock Whiskey - Thai Rice Whiskey Review
Black Cock whiskey is a clear white whiskey distilled from rice grain. It has a pleasent fruity aroma and is faultlessly clear. It has a pleasing rice grain taste with a touch of sweetness, then dry, then turning a touch sweet again and leaves a pleasant lingering finish. It pairs nicely with coke or can be enjoyed straight or on the rocks. You can now buy Black Cock whiskey on our shop by clicking the link below. ..
New Product - Sago Worm Larvae
We're pleased to announce the arrival of Sago Worms to our on-line shop. Sago worm, Larvae of Rhynchophorus Ferrugineus, is considered a delicacy in much of Southeast Asia. "Sago Delight",or "Fried Sago Worms" are considered a speciality in Malaysia, although versions of this dish can be found in many Southeast Asian countries and Papua New Guinea, where it is regarded as a delicacy. Sago grubs have been described as creamy tasting when raw, and like bacon or meat when cooked. They are of..