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From our chocolate covered insects range we bring you delicious handmade chocolate covered edible si..
$1.70 $4.80
Bag of ready to eat small edible crickets with eggs. Crickets (Acheta domestica Sp)&nbs..
$1.90 $5.60
500g Dehydrated Forest Shield Bugs. Shield Bugs can be eaten alone as a snack, typically flavored..
$30.00 $68.00
Mealworms are a healthy and a valuable source of protein. They are crunchy and taste a little like t..
$1.50 $4.50
Oven roasted Sago Worms covered in a delicious dark choc coating. 11g Net. Total 3 sago worms per..
$2.80 $3.50
6 x oven roasted grasshoppers covered with white chocolate. 10g Net Shelf life 6 months from d..
$2.80 $4.80
Based on 1 reviews.
Oven roasted Superworms covered in delicious dark chocolate. 11g Net. Total 11 superworms per tin..
$1.70 $4.95
Oven roasted grasshoppers covered with dark chocolate. 10g Net Shelf life 6 months from d..
$1.80 $4.80
Female Katydids (Copiphorini) a.k.a. Cone Heads are a healthy and a valuable source of pro..
$1.50 $6.50
Fried Big Crickets (Gryllus Bimaculatus) with salt. Ingredients: Farm raised Big Crickets (Gryll..
$1.50 $5.60
Grasshoppers (Caelifera) are a healthy and a valuable source of protein and calcium.   We sou..
$1.50 $5.60
Canned Fried Pupae Mix - Superworms, Mealworms, Sago Worms, Silkworms. 15g We source our edible i..
$1.50 $5.60
Edible Silk Moth Pupae (Bombyx Mori) in a can. 15g Silkworms have an awful lot goi..
$1.50 $5.60
Mixed Bug Kebab with grasshoppers and silkworms skewered on a stick, kebab style. Cooked and then de..
$2.20 $3.90
Special collection of edible insects - 32g Including 2 x Giant Waterbugs, 2 x female rhino beetle..
$3.90 $6.60
This pack is more than twice the weight of our standard mixed bugs pack. It includes mole crickets, ..
$4.70 $7.20
Special Orthoptera Mix - 5 x grasshoppers, 10 x mole crickets, 10 x big crickets, 10 x small cricket..
$3.50 $5.80
Special Pupae Mix - Superworms, mealworms, Sago Worms, Silkworms. We source our edible insect pup..
$3.50 $5.80
Superworms covered in white chocolate. 20g 11 x large oven roasted superworms covered with w..
$1.30 $4.80