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Unique Food Recipes

Unique recipes for you to try using our unique food products

Scorpion Lolly Recipe
Scorpion Lolly Recipe What you will need: 1 cup Sugar 1/2 cup Water 1/3 cup Light Corn Syrup 1/8 to 1/4 tsp. Candy Flavoring Oil Liquid Food Coloring (as desired) Candy Molds Dehydrated Chinese Armor Tail Scorpions Plastic wrappers Candy Sticks Step 1. Spray molds lightly with a non flavored food grade oil spray. This will prevent the candy from sticking to the mold after it has cooled. When making several batches, you probably won’t need to spray the molds b..
Stir Fry Weaver Ants Eggs Recipe
Weaver Ants eggs are a highly prized delicacy in Thailand. Weaver ants produce their eggs only once a year during the cooler months December to Jaruary, during this time, the time consuming, and sometimes painful task of collecting the eggs take place, they are then wrapped in bannana leaves and sold at local markets. Locals prepare these eggs with shallots, lettuce, chillies, lime and spices and serve with sticky rice to provide a dish rich in nutrition and good flavour. Stir Fried ..
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