Maybe you’re interested in edible insects and the whole idea of trying something new, but you’re not quite ready to take the plunge and bite into a bag of rhino beetles just yet. Well if you need a little more convincing with reasons why you should try edible bugs, then here a five things you might find useful to know.

1. Not every bug based food looks like a creepy crawly

pro cricket pasta

Nutribug’s Pro Cricket Pasta – Source

Sure, edible bugs include big crickets with big wings, giant june bugs and scorpions, but these maybe aren’t the best place to start if you’re nervous of the appearance or can’t get your head around eating something whole. You can test the taste and texture of, and your reaction to bug based goods by starting simple, with something like cricket pasta. Or maybe prepare some food with Silkworm Pupae oil or use some locust powder in your cooking and baking.

2. Edible insects are packed full of nutrients and come in capsule form

Locust powder capsules

Locust powder capsules –

Cricket powder and locust powder are both available in ready to swallow insect powder capsules. So without it even touching the sides, you can still ingest the goodness. They’re packed full of protein and a good amount of fibre too. And as for insect oil, its properties include lowering blood sugar, reducing the chance of blood clots, and helping to regulate blood fat in a healthy way. And surely the thought of Silk Worm Pupae oil can’t be any worse than traditional cod liver oil?

3. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, bug candy is for you

chocolate scorpions

Chocolate coated scorpions –

You can get used to the idea of eating insects by licking on a lollipop filled with ants or a lolly with a scorpion inside. You can’t quite get to it but you’re up close and personal. As you become more acquainted with the little critters, you’re likely to be tempted by a chocolate covered scorpion or a nibble on the leg of a candied cricket. Chocolate will help even out any unfamiliar textures too.

4. Share a shot with a scorpion

Scorpion vodka drink

Thailand Unique’s Scorpion Vodka

You might feel a little more inclined to indulge in an edible insect if it’s sharing a shot with you. You could try some Scorpion vodka infusion (the scorpion stays in the bottle) or as the night goes on maybe you’ll be persuaded by some spider vodka or try some giant centipede whiskey.

5. Start small with a few edible bug snacks

Earthworm Jerky

Thailand Unique’s Earthworm Jerky

A handful of weaver ants is a good place to start if you want to train your palate to handle the bigger beasties like rhino beetles and scorpions. Earthworm jerky is another good place to start too, if you’re already a fan of jerky, biltong or pork cracking then you’ll enjoy a deliciously barbecued earthworm with plenty of protein goodness. Where will you start?