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Insect Candy

Insect Candy

Bug candy, chocolate covered insects, scorpion lollies and more...

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Chocolate Covered Silkworm Pupae -48%

Chocolate Covered Silkworm Pupae

Oven roasted silkworm pupae covered in a delicious dark chocolate coating.Silkworms are fed exclusiv..

$4.80 $2.50

Choc Coated Sago Worms -17%

Choc Coated Sago Worms

Oven roasted Sago Worms covered in a delicious dark chocolate coating.Sago Pupae are fed on banana p..

$3.50 $2.90

Chocolate Covered Crickets

Oven roasted crickets covered in a delicious dark chocolate coating.Crickets are fed on a gluten fre..


Chocolate Covered Grasshoppers -42%

Chocolate Covered Grasshoppers

6 x oven roasted grasshoppers covered with white chocolate. Grasshoppers are fed on perennial rye..

$4.80 $2.80

Chocolate Covered Scorpions

Oven roasted Scorpions (Mesobuthus Martensii) covered in delicious dark chocolate. 6g Net. Total ..


Chocolate Covered Superworms -56%

Chocolate Covered Superworms

Oven roasted Superworms covered in delicious dark chocolate. 11g Net. Total 11 superworms per tin..

$4.95 $2.20

Dark Chocolate Grasshoppers -21%

Dark Chocolate Grasshoppers

Oven roasted grasshoppers covered in delicious dark chocolate.6g Net. Total 5 grasshoppers per tin. ..

$4.80 $3.80

White Chocolate Superworms -23%

White Chocolate Superworms

Roasted super worms covered in white chocolate. 11 x large oven roasted superworms covered w..

$4.80 $3.70

Yin-Yang Chocolate Covered Scorpions -22%

Yin-Yang Chocolate Covered Scorpions

Night can’t exist without day, energy can’t exist without matter and, it turns out, you can’t have a..

$5.00 $3.90

Chinese Yellow Scorpion Candy Lolly

Coconut flavoured lolly containing a real edible Mesobuthus Martensii Scorpion ..


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