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Insect Powders

Insect powders

We manufacture a large range of high quality protein rich insect powders from whole crickets, locusts, silkworms and more. All powders are available for sale in various weights and grades. We also offer low fat, high protein, organic and non-gmo versions. 

All insects we process into powder are raised at local farms under strict supervision. We also raise house crickets at our own in-house farm. All insects are fed a healthy diet of mixed grains and vegetables and kept in clean, sealed hygienic conditions.

All products are manufactured to strict HACCP standards and processed at our FDA approved GMP certified factory. We are currently being audited for BRC global standards. 

All insect powders are 100% natural with absolutely no other added ingredients. 

Insect powder can be used in a number of ways, for example energy bars, bread, pasta and much more. It can be used to increase the protein and nutrient content of any food.

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Cricket Powder 100g Brachytrupes portentosus

High protein cricket powder (flour) 100g made from giant crickets (Brachytrupes Portentosu..


Cricket Powder 1kg Acheta Domestica

High quality cricket powder 1kg made from house crickets (Acheta domestica Sp) in foil pou..


Cricket Powder 100g Acheta Domestica -13%

Cricket Powder 100g Acheta Domestica

High quality cricket protein powder a.k.a Cricket Flour - 100g (Acheta domestica Sp) in foil pouches..

$7.50 $6.50

Cricket Powder Gryllus Bimaculatus -24%

Cricket Powder Gryllus Bimaculatus

Cricket protein powder (Gryllus Bimaculatus Sp) - Extra fine grade in various sizes 40g. Gry..

$2.50 $1.90

Locust Powder (Locusta migratoria) -27%

Locust Powder (Locusta migratoria)

High quality locust flour protein powder 100g (Migratory locust Sp) in foil pouches. Our pre..

$13.50 $9.90

Silk Moth Pupae Flour

Silkworm Pupae (Bombyx Mori) Flour for sale or wholesale. Looking for an unusual and unique way t..


Cricket Powder Gryllus assimilis

High protein Jamaican Field Cricket powder 100g, made from Gryllus assimilis Sp,..


Earthworm flour (Eisenia foetida) 40g

Canned edible earthworm flour, protein powder 40g (Eisenia foetida Sp) - Extra f..


100% Scorpion Powder 10g -26%

100% Scorpion Powder 10g

100% Scorpion Powder (78% protein) These premium scorpions have been cooked, dried and ..

$29.90 $22.00

Cricket Powder Capsules

Obtain the nutritional benefits of edible insects in a capsule form! 100% cricket powder in capsu..


Locust Powder Capsules

Obtain the nutritional benefits of edible insects in a capsule form! 100% locust powder capsules ..


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