Edible insects pack a protein punch for the adventurous eater

edible insect dish
cooked bee larvae dish

Although the United States has been slower to pick on up the worldwide trend of eating a wide variety of insects, a recent study reveals that the nutritional value and environmental benefits of eating bugs should far outweigh our squeamishness about consuming the creepy crawly critters.

Crickets and ants are the most common insect cuisine in the United States, and they are a good, healthy way to venture into the insect-eating unknown. A recent Oxford University study showed that crickets contain more protein, energy, calcium and vitamins than an equal amount by weight of chicken, steak and other meats.

According to the Oxford study, crickets, palm weevils, honeybees and larvae contained significantly more vitamins and minerals than other common protein sources, especially chicken and beef. In addition, insect raising saves time, money and much of the environmental impact associated with raising livestock. (more…)