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Edible Giant Water Scorpions

Edible Giant Water Scorpions
Edible Giant Water Scorpions Edible Giant Water Scorpions
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Edible Water Scorpions (a.k.a. Giant Water Bugs)

Nepidae is a family of insects commonly called water scorpions (Thai Name 'Meangda') for their superficial resemblance to a scorpion. Water Scorpions are carnivores, eating pond animals. They capture their prey with their front legs and suck the body fluids. They also have the ability to inflict a painful bite which gave them their nickname 'toe biters'. They use the siphon in their tail in a "snorkel fashion" thrusting it up through the surface film on the water to the air above so they are able to breath underwater. Water Scorpions are used mainly for their special aroma in Thai cooking but also barbequed and served as snacks. Remove the outer wings and eat the meat inside.

Each bag contains either 1 large water scorpion or 2 smaller size water scorpions. 20g net weight.

Ingredients: Water Scorpions, Natural Flavouring, Salt.

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