• Black Cricket Oil

Black Cricket oil is extracted from Gryllus Bimaculatus crickets using a cold press process, it is manufactured at our BRC/HACCP accredited factory.

Cricket oil is super-healthy edible oil. It contains a wide range of healthy nutrients. It adds a hint of 'Cricketness' to whatever dish you’re using it in. It can be used in pastas, seafood or any stir fry, sauté or noodle dish.

What does Black Cricket oil taste like?

Black cricket oil has a stronger smell and taste compared to other insect oils. It has a rich aroma similar to yeast extract (Marmite/Vegemite) with hints of dark chocolate. Its taste is earthy and nutty with hints of grass.

How do you use cricket oil?

Black Cricket oil can be used just like any other edible oil, for example salad dressing, frying, baking, bread dippings etc. However its unique aroma and taste makes it more suitable for spicy dishes e.g. noodles, curry etc.

Ingredients: 100% Black Cricket Oil.

Comparison of Essential Acids in Black Cricket Oil and Argan Oil.

Black Cricket OilArgan Oil
Essential Fatty Acid
% of Fatty Acids
% of Fatty Acids
Myristic Acid
Palmitic Acid
Palmitoleic Acid
Stearic Acid
Oleic Acid - Omega 9
Linoleic Acid - Omega 6
Alpha Linoleic Acid - Omega 3
Arachidic Acid


Black Cricket Oil Bottle Sample

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Black Cricket Oil

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