• Canned Queen Weaver Ants
Edible Queen Weaver Ants
Weaver ant colonies are founded by one or more mated females (queens) A queen lays her first clutch of eggs on a leaf and protects and feeds the larvae until they develop into mature workers. The workers then construct leaf nests and help rear new brood laid by the queen. Colonies can be extremely large consisting of more than a hundred nests spanning numerous trees and contain more than half a million workers. 
Queen Weaver Ants are a prized delicacy in the northeast of Thailand, they are added to soups and fried foods. Collecting Queen Weaver Ants is a highly skilled task, it is often difficult to avoid being bitten numerous times.
A single can contain 15 grams of dried Queen Weaver Ants. Individual Queen Weaver Ants weigh approximately 0.05 grams each after dehydration therefore one can will contain approximately 300 Queen Weaver Ants.
Ingredients: Queen Weaver Ants, Salt. Net weight 15g, Gross Weight 28g
Shelf life: 2 years from date of manufacture.
Ingredients: Queen Weaver Ants, Natural Flavouring, Salt

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Canned Queen Weaver Ants

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