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Dehydrated Black Ant Eggs

Dehydrated Black Ant Eggs

Wild black ant eggs (polyrhachis sp) have been used in Chinese medicine for centuries, they are believed to help improve the immune system and reduce fatigue. They are also said to have many other health benefits. Black ants are also high in protein. 

They are commonly prepared by infusing with alcohol and left to steep for several days before before consuming. They can also be used in various food dishes, they have a slighly acidic taste so they go well with salads.

We source our ant eggs from from trusted insect foragers. The black ant eggs are cleaned, pressure cooked and then dehydrated to lock in nutrients. Following dehydration they are added to cans with moisture and oxygen absorbers. This keeps them fresh for a minimum of 12 months.

A single can contains 10 grams of Wild black ant eggs.

Ingredients: Black Ants Eggs

Net Weight 10g, Gross Weight 18g, Shelf life: 1 year from date of manufacture.

Cooking instructions: Our black ant eggs are ready to eat from the can. They have a slightly acidic taste so are ideal for use as sprinkles on top of salads.

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