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Dehydrated Weaver Ant Eggs

Dehydrated Weaver Ant Eggs

Dehydrated Edible Weaver Ant Eggs

Weaver Ants eggs are a highly prized delicacy in Thailand. Weaver ants produce their eggs only once a year during the cooler months December to January, during this time, the time consuming, and sometimes painful task of collecting the eggs take place, they are then wrapped in banana leaves and sold at local markets.

Locals prepare these eggs with shallots, lettuce, chilies, lime and spices and serve with sticky rice to provide a dish rich in nutrition and good flavour.

These eggs are big! Some pieces are egg-shaped; others are almost shaped like ants, they have a soft and jelly like texture. The eggs have a creamy and nutty flavour and are commonly served in spicy salads; they can also be served on toast and even taste great served on tortilla chips.

These bags contain over 50 cooked and dehydrated weaver ant eggs. Ant’s eggs contain a high percentage of water so after the dehydration process the egg size is a lot smaller than the fresh eggs.

Try them sprinkled over fried rice to give it a crunchy texture and a boost of protein.

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