• Dehydrated dung beetles 500g

Dehydrated Dung Beetles (Onitis sp).

Dung Beetles can be eaten alone as a snack, typically flavored with soy sauce, chili and pepper, or lemon grass and kaffir lime leaf. They are also an accompaniment to a number of savory dishes.

Our Dung Beetles are purchased from carefully selected insect traders. They are produced at our FDA approved factory where the Dung Beetles are cleaned, processed (heat treated to over 121°C and dehydrated at 70°C) and packed ready to be shipped off to you in handy foil pouches. All our products are randomly lab tested to ensure they meet international health and safety standards.

Dung beetles are harvested throughout Thailand during the monsoon season. They are found in nests under cattle dung. The dung beetles feed on the nutrient rich dung during the evening and early morning when the sun is not too fierce. During they day they return to their nests under the soil. 

Net Weight 500g

edible dung beetles

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Dehydrated dung beetles 500g

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