Edible Black Scorpions are also known as Asian Forest Scorpions (Heterometrus Longimanus sp).

They are native to Thailand and Southeast Asia and are a delicacy to those living there. They are one of the few species known to be edible.

Scorpions are ancient animals and fossil records indicate that they were already in existence about 425 - 450 million years ago during the Silurian period and evolved from an amphibious ancestor.

We source our scorpions from farms in the local area. They breed them specifically for human consumption and feed them a diet of crickets and worms.

So, what do they taste like?

Due to their evolution from the sea, their meat tastes similar to prawns. Some say the taste resembles licorice without the sweetness or even dark chocolate. The dehydrated version has a jerky-like texture and is very nutritious. 

Every part of the scorpion is edible, but we recommend removing the pincers because they are tough. We also recommend removing the venom bulb. The meaty torso is the best-tasting part.

The scorpions are hygienically processed in our HACCP accredited factory. They are flash frozen, cleaned, and boiled. After boiling they are machine dehydrated for more than 24 hours. Their shelf-life is more than one year. 

Ingredients; 1 x Heterometrus Longimanus scorpion (approx 4-6g after dehydration). 

Nutrition per scorpion:

1. Energy 24kcal

2. Protein 4.5g

3. Fat 0.5g

4. Carbohydrate 0.4

5. Salt 0.1g

edible black scorpion in bag

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Edible Black Asian Forest Scorpion

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