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Edible Sago Worm Larvae

Edible Sago Worm Larvae

Sago worm, Larvae of Rhynchophorus Ferrugineus, is considered a delicacy in much of Southeast Asia. "Sago Delight",or "Fried Sago Worms" are considered a speciality in Malaysia, although versions of this dish can be found in many Southeast Asian countries and Papua New Guinea, where it is regarded as a delicacy. Sago grubs have been described as creamy tasting when raw, and like bacon or meat when cooked. They are often prepared with sago flour. In New Guinea, sago worms are roasted on a spit to celebrate special occasions. They are eaten either raw or roasted, and are regarded as a special high-nutrient meal among most Sarawak tribes such as the Melanau and the Dayak. The Asmat, Korowai and Kombai peoples of southern New Guinea also hold the larva in high regard as a food source.

Our bags contain approximately 4-5 large dehydrated and seasoned sago worms.

Nutritional Composition Sago Worm Larvae (g/100g dry weight)

Protein 25.8g
Fat 38.5g
Ash 2.1g
Carbohydrates 33.2g
Energy (kcal) 583

Amino Acids (g/100g dry weight)

Aspartic acid 2.29g
Threonine* 1.15g
Serine 1.33g
Glycine 1.04g
Alanine 1.37g
Valine* 0.81g
Methionine* 0.27g
Isoleucine* 0.75g
Leucine* 1.62g
Tyrosine* 0.97g
Phenulalanine* 0.73g
Histidine* 1.02g
Lysine* 1.72g
Arginine 1.62g
Tryptophan* 0.23g

*Essential amino acid

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