• Scorpion Mix 3

This pack contains one large Asian forest scorpion, one Giant Water Scorpion and one armortail scorpion.

The scorpions are ready-to-eat straight out of the bag and can be served with a variety of dips and sauces. We recommend a sweet chili sauce.

These scorpions are processed by flash freezing, cleaning, boiling and is then machine dehydrated for more than 24 hours. This process makes them extremely fragile so please take care when handling the package to avoid breakage.

All Thailand Unique products are manufactured in a GMP/HACCP accredited factory so you can be confident you are buying a safe and quality product.

Net Weight 10g

Ingredients: Forest Scorpion, Waterbug, Armortail Scorpion, salt

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Scorpion Mix 3

  • $8.50

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