Silkworm Droppings Tea.

If you've tried civet coffee you may like to try silkworm-dropping tea!

Delicious and mild silkworm-dropping tea. Silkworms feed on mulberry leaves. The enzymes in their digestive system neutralize the leaves’ bitter, acidic taste, producing a smoother-tasting tea. It’s also believed to have numerous health benefits.

How to use: Add silkworm droppings to a tea infuser and pour in hot water (not boiling), allowing it to steep for 20 seconds. Discard the first batch and repeat until you achieve your desired taste.

Ingredients: Droppings of Silkworms (Bombyx Mori).

You can choose between loose or tea bags.

Loose Tea weight 60g

Tea Bag  x 5 3g bag

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Silkworm Droppings Tea

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