• Spider Vodka Infusion 70ml

Huntsman Spider Vodka Infusion 70ml 40%v/v

Thai rice grain vodka infused with a 5cm Huntsman Spider (Heteropoda Venatoria). The vodka is steeped for several months, which then imparts a unique flavour into the liquor.

Alcohol infusions containing herbs and/or snakes, scorpions, spiders etc. are commonly used in SE Asia for medicinal purposes, they are believed to reinvigorate a person according to Traditional Chinese medicine.

Every bottle is unique in its own way so the item purchased may differ slightly in looks but not bottle size.

The spider is edible but may need to be cooked first if you wish to eat it.

Bottle dimensions 4.5cm (l) x 4cm (w) x 7cm (h) - Bottle is made of glass and has metal ring-pull top.

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Spider Vodka Infusion 70ml

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