Grain whiskey infused with a real farm raised vine snake, ginseng roots and seed pods. The snake infused whiskey is left for several months, which then imparts a unique flavour into the whiskey.

Snakes are believed to possess medicinal qualities and the wine is often advertised to cure everything from hair loss to short-sightedness, as well as to increase sexual desire and performance. In Vietnam, snake wine is believed by some individuals to improve health and virility. A similar drink is made with geckos or scorpions rather than snakes. Snake wine, due to its high alcohol content, is traditionally taken in shot glasses.

Every bottle is unique in its own way so therefore the item shown may differ slightly in looks but not size.

Bottle dimensions 10cm x 7cm

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Vine Snake Infused Whiskey

  • $7.99

Tags: snake whiskey, snake wine

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