Strong Chinese Fragrant Whiskey
52% v/v (104 proof) 125ml (4.2 fl. oz)

This special Chinese fragrant whiskey is made to a 800 year old recipe, similar to that of China's popular national liquor 'Moutai'. This liquor has a special flavor and unique aroma, it's mellow and sweet, with a lingering flavor and an odor that clings to the cup. This special liquor is made from orghum and wheat, half and half mixed, fermented eight times and distilled seven times.This special distilling method takes the edge off this 104-proof liquor, so it seldom causes a headache.

This drink tastes great on the rocks, or served neat as shots.

The bottle is wrapped in a brown paper with Chinese characters and the top is tied with a brown string.

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Strong Chinese Fragrant Whiskey

  • $5.99

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