Traditional Thai Whiskey Pot a.k.a Lao Hai

La Hai is a traditional Thai whiskey that dates back centuries. The pot contains a blend of fermented yeast, rice husks and other special ingredients. The clay pot with moist mixture is then sealed and left to ferment a little more to increase in alcohol volume and taste. Once ready the clay pot top is removed and water is added, the pot is left to stand for a further 10-30 minutes before consuming. A special bamboo straw is then inserted through the rice husks and into the alcohol mix below. The drink is cloudy and tastes sweet, it's a pleasant and easy to drink beverage. The alcohol content ranges from 4% to 8% depending on the amount of water added. It can be refilled several times but gradually looses it taste and alcohol content.

Although hundreds of years old, Lao Hai is still sold and consumed in rural parts of Thailand to this day.

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Traditional Thai Rice Whiskey

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