Edible Cicada (Hemiptera)

Edible Cicada (Hemiptera)

Cicada (Hemiptera) are delicacy in the northeast of Thailand. Cicadas have large eyes wide apart on the head and have transparent, well-veined wings. Many people around the world regularly eat cicadas: the female is prized as it is meatier. Shells of cicadas are also used in traditional Chinese medicine formulations.

Dried Cicadas contain over 50% protein and are low in fat.

Our cicadas have been processed by boiling and dehydrating, no seasoning has been added. Cicada can be eaten whole or ground into a powder and added to any food to increase the protein content, they have a delicate nutty flavor.

Net Weight 15g - Approx 10 large cicadas per can.

Shelf-life 1 year from date of manufacture.

Ingredients - 100% Dehydrated Cicida 

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