• Edible Cicada (Cryptotympana Atrata)

Annual Cicadas (Cryptotympana Atrata) are a delicacy in the northeast of Thailand. Cicadas have large eyes wide apart on the head and have transparent, well-veined wings. Many people around the world regularly eat cicadas: females are more popular because they are meatier. Traditional Chinese medicine uses the molted shells of cicadas in their formulations.

Dried Cicadas contain over 50% protein and are low in fat. Cicadas' diet is solely tree sap, and this gives them a pleasant taste and aroma.

Our cicadas are cleaned and boiled before dehydrating. There is no added Seasoning. Cicada can be eaten whole or ground into a powder and added to any food to increase the protein content. They have a delicate nutty flavor.

Net Weight 10g

The shelf-life is one year from the date of manufacture.

Ingredients - 100% Dehydrated Cicada (Cryptotympana Atrata)

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Edible Cicada (Cryptotympana Atrata)

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