• Edible Weaver Ants - Genus Oecophylla

Bag of ready to eat Queen Weaver and Weaver Ants (Genus Oecophylla).

Who knows how hard these busy ants worked when they were alive? Even in death, they toil to provide you with gastronomic delights to share with your pals. Such little troopers! Highly nutritious, these weaver ants and their eggs are eaten as a delicacy in Thailand. They taste pretty good too and can be eaten straight from the pack.

If you want to throw a dinner party, but your cooking skills are sadly lacking, try a bowl of these on the table. Your guests will be talking about your hosting skills for years to come (if for questionable reasons).

The ants are sealed in a special foil bag with an oxygen absorber giving a shelf life of up to 12 months.
Nutritional Data

Ingredients: Queen Weaver ants, weaver ants, salt.

Please note the ratio of queen weaver ants to weaver ants is random.

10g Net Weight. 

Protein 53.5g
Fat 13.5g
Fiber 6.9g
Ash 6.5g

Phosphorus 0.18g
Magnesium 0.7g
Sodium 0.8g
Chlorine 0.21g
Zinc 0.02g

Vitamin B1 0.0092g
Vitamin B2 0.03g
Vitamin B3 0.13g

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Edible Weaver Ants - Genus Oecophylla

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