Cricket Powder Gryllus assimilis

Cricket Powder Gryllus assimilis

High protein Jamaican Field Cricket powder 100g, made from Gryllus assimilis Sp, and packed in foil pouches.

Looking for an unusual and unique way to fuel your high protein diet? Nature has the answer with this nourishing powder made entirely from ground crickets.  To most, eating crickets may appear to have a high ‘yuk’ factor but you won’t spot any of the distinctive characteristics of our chirruping chums in this powder. 

Our crickets are raised commercially, fed a specifically developed, healthy diet and are raised in clean and hygienic conditions. Containing no preservatives, artificial colours or flavours, this low-fat flour has many nutritional benefits. Packed with vitamin B12 and iron, and rich in protein, it can be used to produce energy bars, snacks and much more.

The powder is produced at our FDA approved, GMP certified factory where the crickets are cleaned, processed and packed ready to be shipped off to you in handy foil pouches. Each 100 grams (0.22 pounds) of cricket powder contains approximately 900 of our premium Gryllus assimilis crickets!

For the details:

Prices as low as $45 per kilogram (2.2 pounds).

Nutritional data.

Information based on 100g (0.22 pounds)

Protein: 67.8g
Vitamin B12 3.2 mg
Iron 5mg

2 year shelf life

Ingredients: 100% cricket (Gryllus assimilis Sp)

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