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Popular Edible Insects

Edible Insects Multi-Pack -16 bags

Edible Insects Multi-Pack (16 bags) A selection of our most popular cooked dehydrated edible inse..

$72.00 $69.00

Nutribug Cricket Pasta - Gluten Free!

Nutribug's Cricket Pasta is the first first gluten free rice pasta infused with nutritous high ..

$3.90 $1.90

Cricket Powder 1kg Acheta Domestica

Cricket powder 1kg, high quality, 100% natural, made from only the finest house crickets (Achet..


100% Scorpion Powder 10g

100% Scorpion Powder (78% protein) These premium scorpions have been cooked, dried and ..

$29.90 $22.00

Latest Edible Insects

Jamaican Crickets - Gryllus assimilis 15g

Bag of ready to eat Jamaican Crickets (Gryllus assimilis Sp) Jamaican crickets (Gryllus assi..

$5.60 $2.60

Dehydrated Jamaican Crickets 500g

Dehydrated Jamaican Crickets (Gryllus Assimilis Sp) 500g (1.1 lb) Jamaican Crickets (Gr..


Scorpion Mix

Treat your taste buds to two popular edible scorpions from the land and water. This pack contains on..


Jungle Trial Mix

Treat your taste buds to a mix of protein rich critters sustainably sourced from..

$8.80 $7.50

Best Selling Edible Insects

Edible Chinese Armor Tail Scorpions

It’s not only C-list celebrities that get to munch on dodgy-looking critters in a jungle-based TV de..


Mixed Edible Insects 15g

There’s a fly in my soup! (Actually it’s a silkworm and anyway, we put it there!). Impress (or maybe..

$5.60 $3.99

Edible Big Crickets - Gryllus Bimaculatus

Lightly salted dehydrated Big Crickets (Gryllus Bimaculatus). Each cricket measures approximately..

$5.60 $3.90

Edible Grasshoppers 15g - Orthoptera Sp

Edible Grasshoppers (Orthoptera). Only the freshest grasshoppers are selected, cleaned, cooked, a..


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